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Night life in London
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In this Page we present some Bars-Clubs in London..
The word entertainment is Greek because Greeks know better than anyother how to have a really good time...


35 Hertford Street, London, W1Y 7TG   
Nearest Tube Station: Hyde Park Corner
Tel: 020 7208 4067

is one of our favourite places in London, the music is great the decoration is perfect but above all you will find there the most interesting people in London...
Every sunday Zeta is open for the Greeks at a special Greek Night.. From 18:00 till......


Beach Blanket Babylon

45 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 2AA
Week hours: 12am - 11pm
Weekend hours: 12am - 1.30pm
Telephone: 020 7229 2907
The dungeon-like bar-restaurant  serves Mediterranean food and magical,wild coctails appealing to many. That said, it's in a good location and the crowd (including the bar-tenders) all seem to be eyeing each other up and flirting, which breaks the ice. Stunning Gothic interior and loopy garden greenery at least make this place look different and promising. 



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